Table Rock is a founding seed investor in ScepterAir a satellite and data analysis solution.

Scepter Inc deploys advanced satellite technology and proprietary data processing platforms to detect methane emissions at a global scale. The Scepter platform has the potential to redefine methane detection and mitigation efforts and could contribute to broader satellite-based emission reduction efforts across a dozen industries, including energy, agriculture, manufacturing and transportation.

Scepter’s satellite detection technology has shown the ability to accurately collect data on methane, while also identifying sources of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and other greenhouse gases. Scepter is pioneering a proprietary data fusion system that reconciles information collected from multiple detection methods, including ground-based, stationary and mobile monitoring devices. By consolidating the data, scientists could unlock valuable insights and opportunities to further quantify and validate programs that reduce methane emissions. Our data fusion platform will be central to a broader capability to detect, quantify, abate and certify emissions in real time. This approach is rooted in our mission of providing comprehensive observations on a real-time basis and global scale, therefore meeting various environmental, social and governance reporting needs.

Scale: $450 MM


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