California Wildfire Coalition

Goal: To raise billions in capital and implement a crowdsourced wildfire prevention and management plan to address the increasing frequency of major wildfires.

Resource constraints make it impossible to respond to multiple wildfires simultaneously. Difficult decisions are now being made to fight fires selectively while letting large areas burn with little to no intervention. Understandably the bias tends to be towards saving assets in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) because this is where assets (homes and businesses are concentrated). This leaves smaller communities and rural property owners largely on their own. It is a complex and stressful triage process to decide who burns. This approach is underserving many communities and rural property owners. We need to model a different approach that enables a more sustainable and effective year around  management plan and response.

When we look at the problem through the lends of the Pillars of Resiliency and Biodiversity in a community we see many project investment possibilities:

  • One Water Management
  • Microgrids that solve for resiliency and reliability 24/7 365
  • Local community networks that can respond when traditional response resources are scarce and unavailable