We’ve looked under the hoods of city budgets, capital improvement programs, debt burdens, political ruckuses, project track records, rate history, climate patterns, water supply, council make-ups and more. Armed with the results, we headed out on a 100-City Tour with the best engineers, bankers, and labor and community leaders we could find.

We took a deep dive into real world analysis and met the personalities behind America’s essential infrastructure. Talking to agency heads and city managers, we found projects that have been on the books since ‘92, ‘88, even one from 1938!

We saw cities with:

  • 40% leakage of treated potable water that was not only burdening their O&M costs, but then driving overcapacity in their wastewater build.
  • Others with 60 water main breaks a month and blown out overtime budgets.
  • Others so manual in this digital age they were sending out employees to physically watch reservoir levels.
  • And others burning through capital reserves subsidizing higher purchased water costs, through abject terror of a rate increase.

Every case is different with unique drivers and personalities, but the need is almost universally profound.

Whether it’s a regular project or a P3, nothing is happening easily. Elected officials fear the wrong decision, constituents fear rates with no plan, staff fears loss of control/job, unions fear loss of members, consultants fear the conclusion of contracts, cities fear debt, and design-builders wear out and start consulting. It is all solvable– Table Rock pulls all of those fears and desires together into a public-worthy, credit-worthy binding business plan, partners with the public in implementation, and invests for life.