Rialto California Wastewater Plant Microgrid

Table Rock is in the process of developing a microgrid in Rialto California that will provide 100% of the energy required by a wastewater plant serving a population of 110,000.

The Rialto wastewater plant microgrid application will include a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) biogas production module that utilizes biogas, a by product of the anerobic digestion process at the plant, to account for 60% of the plants energy needs. The balance of power need is met with solar power and batteries are used to bridge biogas and time of use power production differentials. We believe that this project will be one of the first in the U.S. to account for 100% of energy needs utilizing green power solutions. For complex projects we prefer the Progressive Design Build Process (PDB) outlined below. PDB offers more freedom and precision in working through complex design, engineering and construction logic. And produces designs that provide better resolved life-cycle management practices post completion.

PDB embraces our public partners with active role in the design and engineering of a project which builds confidence and greater familiarity reducing the likelihood of change orders and breakdowns in the process.        

Investment: $8-10 MM


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