Peter Luchetti 200Peter Luchetti, Managing Partner

As Managing Partner of Table Rock Infrastructure Partners, Peter Luchetti is the global project finance and policy expert and lead transactor on hundreds of projects, both P3 and traditional. He led Table Rock in structuring, financing, and now managing the 30-year Rialto Water & Wastewater Public Private Partnership, a breakthrough model in public ownership/private financing and services. Luchetti also serves in the Governor-appointed role as Vice-Chair of the California Infrastructure & Economic Development Bank and as the Board’s private sector credit expert.

Previously, Luchetti was Global Head of Project & Structured Finance for Bank of America where he led a 180-person team that managed transactions in the transportation, social infrastructure, water & waste, energy, and communications sectors in 32 countries. Prior to Bank of America, Luchetti worked at J. Aron Goldman Sachs.  He also served in a pro bono capacity leading the launch financing of the Marin Energy Authority, California’s first Community Choice Aggregation(CCA), and was a board member of the Bay Area Economic Institute.

Luchetti is an alumnus of Duke University and lives with his wife Chef Emily Luchetti in Sausalito, CA.

Megan Matson 200Megan Matson, Partner

Megan Matson is a specialist in water and wastewater infrastructure needs, risk assessment, and public-private financing. She is the Lead partner on Table Rock’s nation-wide 100 City Tour assessing local water and wastewater infrastructure needs for public-private investment. Matson was also instrumental in raising the capital and implementing the first-of-its-kind water and wastewater partnership in Rialto, CA where she worked closely with ULLICO Infrastructure Fund as a major equity.

She is a frequent speaker at Public Private Partnership and water-related events and has a background in grassroots political organizing.

Matson took a civic sabbatical recently and worked for Beto O’Rourke’s campaign out of Austin TX on the Distributed Team. She also helped in the preparation of an as-needed analysis and response to malfunctions in the Hart eSlate machines used in Texas in the November election. Previously, Megan founded the MMOB/Mainstreet Moms, where she created and led citizen election integrity campaigns in partnership with CREDO, VoterAction and others, including: researching/writing/narrating EON’s Help America Vote on Paper organizing film and associated citizen action campaigns; teaming with VoterAction in CA and FL litigation by identifying and organizing plaintiffs, recruiting sponsor counsel, fundraising and citizen actions to stop the use of paperless DREs in 2005 – 2006; and finally, creating the Pollworkers for Democracy training and deployment campaign in partnership with CREDO and VoteTrust, preparing 5000 pollworkers to produce voting machine issues evidence in support of paper ballots and FL litigation. 2019 forward, Table Rock Infrastructure Partners is committed to helping achieve a more secure elections infrastructure, from voter rolls cyber security to risk-limiting audits and the paper ballots to support them.

Matson was previously a board member of the Enhanced Infrastructure Finance District alliance, Private Advisor to the Infrastructure Exchanges, an active participant in President Obama’s Build America Investment Initiative, and board member of both the Bolinas Community Land Trust for Affordable Housing and Strategic Energy Innovations. Matson also founded the MMOB (Mainstreet Moms Organize or Bust), a nationwide political action committee that led the organization and public outreach behind California’s first CCA, Marin Clean Energy. She was also Field Director for the win against a state-wide ballot against CCAs, and thus launched LEAN Energy, a national organization furthering the development of CCAs nationally.

Matson has a B.A. from Yale University and lives in Bolinas, CA with her family.

Dan Kolodin

Daniel Kolodin, Analyst

Dan Kolodin handles all financial modeling and research support as Analyst for the Table Rock team. Dan comes from a data-intensive position with the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he worked in the Baseball Operations and Professional Scouting Departments. With the Dodgers, Dan combined data analysis and both live and video scouting to provide support to the Major League club’s Advance Scouting process. His analytical mind and education combined with his background as a former collegiate baseball player made him an ideal fit for helping bridge the gap between analytics and scouting.

As Professional Scouting Coordinator with the Dodgers, Dan led initiatives to improve the information efficiency and reach of the department. He organized scouting coverage that spanned hundreds of teams and thousands of players across the country in order to ensure the Dodgers had the most up to date scouting reports on players should they become available. He also worked closely with the Research & Development group in order to improve department practices and better utilize the massive amount of data available to Major League teams.

Dan has a B.S. in Management Science and a Minor in Business from the University of California, San Diego. He currently lives in Novato, CA.

John Maher, CPA, CGMA

John Maher, managing principal of Maher Accountancy, provides a specialized range of CFO accounting and finance services for Table Rock’s Rialto Partnership, bridging municipal and project finance. He is a leading expert in starting and managing support for complex structured financings. Maher’s primary focus is designing and implementing processes to safeguard financial and objectives. He also provides impeccable audit and other attestation services for financial reporting, grant and other compliance requirements.

Maher serves on the Board of Marin Economic Forum and has supported California’s first CCA, Marin Energy Authority, with accounting services since its inception. He is a member of the American Institute and California Society of CPAs and is qualified as an auditor under Government Auditing Standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States.

Maher began his career in 1978 with Arthur Young & Company (now Ernst & Young) and lives in San Rafael, CA with his wife.

Rolf Ohlemutz, Manager, Rialto Water Services

With over 40 years of experience in water, wastewater, water resource, and flood control engineering, Rolf Ohlemutz expertly manages operations and maintenance of Table Rock’s partnership, Rialto Water Services. In this role, Ohlemutz oversees capital improvements, customer service and billing, and provides collaborative trouble-shooting and solutions for the major water and wastewater system upgrade.

Ohlemutz holds a Master of Science and Doctorate of Engineering degrees from the University of California, Berkeley.