Photo: Peter Luchetti

Peter Luchetti

Oroville: Teamwork between public agencies and private parties isn’t new, but approaching challenges give what comes out of public-private teams more significance.

Peter Luchetti of Table Rock Capital of Sausalito has specific examples of how those partnerships can change the future.

Luchetti is the keynote speaker at the 2017 North State Economic Forecast Conference, scheduled for Jan. 19 at Gold Country Casino Event Center, 4020 Olive Highway in Oroville.

Luchetti is involved in private equity but also serves as the vice chair of California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank in Sacramento. As Gov. Jerry Brown’s appointee, he is the only private-sector representative on the board. Throughout his career, Luchetti has seen where public-private partnerships are the only avenue to make some projects occur, but the partnerships take on more significance because of what Luchetti sees on the horizon.

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